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    Updated Next Secure Download to Next.js 14 with App Router

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      Nico Prananta

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    I've just rolled out a minor update for my open source project, Next Secure Download, now fully embracing the power of Next.js 14! Here’s what’s new:

    1. App Router Migration: I've moved from the classic Pages router to the more dynamic App Router, enhancing the project's flexibility and scalability.
    2. Brand New Icon: Check out the sleek, new project icon! It's the fresh face of Next Secure Download.
    3. Dedicated Sample Page: Experience the improvements first-hand on our sample page - now hosted on my personal domain:
    4. Enhanced Security: I've beefed up the security measures, especially when serving secret files. Peek at the updated code to see how it's safeguarding your file.

    And while you’re exploring these updates, don't forget to check out my upcoming book on Pull Requests Best Practices! It's packed with insights and tips for developers. Learn more here.

    Stay tuned for more updates, and happy coding!