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    Brain Feeding/Poisoning - 2019年1月

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      Nico Prananta

    The first out of (hopefully) 12 blog post series about what I read, listen to, watch, and play every month.


    I'm into three games at this moment. On Nintendo Switch, I'm enjoying Valkyrie 4 Chronicles, an anime-style turn-based strategy game. What's not to like 😉 I have never played any Valkyrie games before but thankfully I don't need to to play this game.

    On PS4, I'm playing Horizon Zero Dawn. The graphics of this game is amazing. The story is intriguing so far. The battle is a bit difficult for me but I'm getting used to it.

    On mobile, I'm continuing to play Pokemon Go. The new player-vs-player battle is pretty fun especially since I'm in a weekly tournament against my college friends. I won the first week tournament but probably won't win the second week since seems like my friends learned some new tricks. 🤔


    I saw this book when we were in Amsterdam and I remembered someone in Twitter recommended it. While it's hard to understand in some parts for me, it fed me with some interesting insights.

    Those who talk should do and only those who do should talk


    I listen to Japanese songs lately. New songs, like Bump of Chicken's 話がしたいよ and Radwimp's そっけない, and old songs, like 平井堅's ノンフィクション and Mrs. Green Apple's 春秋, are on repeat. As a matter of fact, I just stumbled upon 平井堅's ノンフィクション recently.


    I'm also listening to Carlo Rovelli's The Order Of Time audiobook narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch when I have the time. Not only the book is interesting—time always intrigues me, but the voice of Cumberbatch is soothing. 😅


    I finally got the time to watch the Advanced React tutorial videos by Wesbos. I skip some videos but I got to understand the complicated tools around graphql, like Prisma and Yoga. It also inspired me to start a new side-project related to graphql. Stay tuned 😉

    On the entertainment side, we recently watched The Kominsky Method which is a terrific series. And only after finishing the season, we found out that it won the Golden Globe 2019 best television series - musical or comedy award. Well deserved.