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    [Dev Note] Edit Git Commit Message and Cypress test crashes with Droneio

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      Nico Prananta

    Edit Git Commit Message

    Few days ago I needed to edit a commit message. If the commit had been the last commit, I could've run

    git commit --amend

    But it was not. Found out I could use git rebase instead:

    git rebase -i <hash>^

    -i means interactive. Don't forget to add the carret (^) after the commit hash. It will then open the text editor where it shows a list of commits and the actions for each of them. The default is pick action. You just need to change the action of the commit whose message you want to edit with reword. Save the file then it will open another text editor where you can actually edit the commit message.

    The commit I made had been pushed to github. So I needed to forcefully push the message by git push origin --force

    Cypress Crash with DroneIO

    In the company I set up a continuous integration server for our projects using DroneIO. And for the landing page of website, I am using Cypress for end-to-end testing. It has been working pretty well and has helped me catch some bugs before the website went live. Unfortunately, it kept intermittently crash in one specific test. The test is not complex and it doesn't take a long time when it runs successfully.

    After trying many different solutions offered by the internet, this solution to set shm_size at the pipeline step of drone.yml seems to fix the problem.

        images: cypress/browsers
        shm_size: 4096000000
          - yarn install
          - yarn test

    Haven't had any crashes so far. 🤞