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    Money Land - Why Thieves & Crooks Now Rule the World & How to Take it Back


    I just finished reading Money Land - Why Thieves & Crooks Now Rule the World & How to Take it Back book. In this book, Oliver Bullough set out this global virtual space where lawyers, business people, politicians, and ultra rich people exploit the world's law and financial systems for their own benefits.

    Money flows across borders, but laws do not

    I learned many things from this book: how the mega rich kept their wealth and got even richer through offshore and shell companies, loopholes in laws and regulations that lawyers and business people took advantage of to make their clients richer, how some countries are selling passports to the super rich, how the crooks used diplomatic immunity to secure their money, and many more.

    If there is one thing we know about Money land, it is that it keeps mutating, it keeps expanding, and the wealthy keep finding new tunnels down into it.

    It is infuriating to find out about the existence of this Money land world, and what's worse, they are still around and will always be because people are corrupt.

    In a world dominated by the wealthy, whether you call them plutonomists or Moneylanders, no ambitious businessperson can afford to ignore the financial might of the very rich, even if their fortunes are of dubious origins.

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