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    How to scale luck


    Anang Marjono recently asked on Twitter about how to scale luck. Have you also ever wondered how to get lucky more often? The secret lies in a simple formula: Luck equals preparation meets opportunity. So to scale luck, you need to focus on two things—preparing more and widening your network.

    The Power of Preparation

    Preparation is all about enhancing your skills and knowledge. For programmers or software developers, this means diving into new technologies, mastering coding challenges on platforms like LeetCode, or even refining soft skills such as effective communication and writing. Contrary to the stereotype of the solitary coder, programming is a collaborative field. It involves teamwork, client negotiations, and even convincing your bosses about your ideas.

    But don’t stop at your professional domain. Broadening your horizons by learning new languages or maintaining a fitness routine can also play a crucial role. After all, preparation is in your control—it's about actively improving and expanding your skill set.

    Seizing Opportunities

    Opportunity often seems to come knocking at random, but you can increase your chances of encountering it. Just like using a Lure or Incense in Pokémon to attract more Pokémon, you can attract more opportunities. For software developers, attending industry conferences, networking, and sharing knowledge through blogs or social media can significantly boost your visibility and open new doors.

    The Intersection of Preparation and Opportunity

    Consider this scenario: A friend of a friend is looking for a programmer. Your acquaintance reaches out to you because of your past interactions. This moment of opportunity meets your years of coding practice and experience. That’s luck at work. But if you hadn’t been a developer, despite the opportunity presenting itself, it wouldn't result in luck because it didn’t align with your preparation.

    A Personal Reflection on Luck

    In my own life, I've seen how luck played a pivotal role in my career. My journey began with an interest in iOS development, spurred by inspiration from Steve Jobs and his Stanford Commencement speech. This led to me creating apps and generating pocket money while studying in Japan. My involvement in the Indonesian student community connected me to Ari Awan, who needed an iOS developer for his startup, Flutterscape. My prior preparation in app development collided with the opportunity provided through my network, leading to a fortunate twist in my career.

    In Conclusion

    Scaling luck isn't about leaving things to chance; it's about strategic preparation and actively expanding your network. By doing so, you increase the likelihood of encountering opportunities that align with your preparedness, leading to what we perceive as luck. Prepare diligently, network broadly, and watch as your luck scales up.

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